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Is gastroenterology the same as a colonoscopy

Is this the same as colonoscopy?


What causes stomach cramp?

My daughter is 12 now, but since she was 8 or 9, she has started complaining about stomach cramps that last 1 to 2 minutes. We have done all the tests possible. We even saw a gastroenterology specialist. But, they...


I am confused about this. I have read the articles that was assigned to me and still confused.

System Approach Explanation Gastroenterology Pulmonology Cardiology Hematology Immunology Orthopedics Neurology Endocrinology


What is gastroenterology?


What are the procedures for gastroenterology

How are the procedures done?


What is the difference between a Gastroenterologist and a gastroenterology

What is the difference between a Gastroenterologist and a gastroenterology what is the difference between a Gastroenterologist and a gastroenterology what is the difference between a Gastroenterologist and a...


I had trap gas and could not go to the restroom so the doctor ran some test and this is what it said

I am trying to find out what do this mean from my test result i will have to go to a gastroenterology this was the comment of my result a positive serologic result for H. pylori cannot distinguish a current from...


What is Gastroenterology?


Stomah pain ,vomiting non stop,two weeks before period

I am A 32Y old Diabetic women Type I two weeks before my period I start with a headache and my stomach starts to hurt right above belly button and around into my lower back.I start to vomit and will continue to...


What is gastroenterology

What is gastroenterology

What is the study of "muscular system"?

I've completed the scientific studies of skeletal system (osteology), digestive system (gastroenterology), respiratory system (pulmonology), reproductive system (gynecology), excretory system (urology), endocrine...

Help with chronic nausea, abd pain, bloating, fatigue, etc.?

I have been dealing with abdominal pain for the last two-three years. I've had numerous ultrasounds, CT scans, etc. I have tested negative for Thyroid, bowel obstruction, and those types of things. In the...

Please help my 6 year old daughter.lots of symptoms, few answers!?

I have a 6 year old little girl. We have been to so many pediatric specialists, and have not really gotten any clear answers or diagnosis for what has been going on with her. The only thing we get is this doctor...

Which of these branches is most nearly connected to hematology.(in respect of disease thalesemia)?

Specialities : Medical: General Medicine Cardiology Neurology Paediatrics Dermatology Gastroenterology Nephrology and Dialysis Surgical: General Surgery Urology Orthopaedics Ophthalmology...

Which category of doctor should i choose?

When I was younger I broke my nose. If the weather is dry I can get pretty bad nose bleeds and I want to get a vein cauterized so I don't get them anymore. Which of these categories should I choose? Addiction...

If you work as a medical doctor, which medical field would you like to specialise on and why?

How about gynecologist, you can earn a lot of money in this field or other example Cardiology · Endocrinology · Gastroenterology · Hematology · Hepatology · Infectious diseases · Intensive care medicine ·...


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